A Never Ending Chore

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The days are definately getting warmer.   Summer is but a few weeks of officially starting.  The flowers are blooming everywhere.

Of course this means also that keeping them all watered is becoming a constant chore.  At least if I want to keep them looking good.  I think I may  have created quite a job for myself as the summer moves on.

Yet the reward that I receive for my efforts are so well worth it. 

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your flowers are gorgeous.

Indeed, the flowers are all worth the effort :) The flowers are gorgeous, I wonder if we have them in my country.

Hi, this flower is wonderful, I've never seen before.. you have nice pictures here.. i liked..

Must be nice when summer is arriving... The days here are getting colder and colder and colder...

...loving the detail on the middle photo...is that lemon balm?

Your photograohs of nature are really beautifull and with so many details! Please keep posting as they are sweet pleasure for eyes :)