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Pink Ballet

Soft & Blue


The Beauty of Simplicity


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Children are by far one of my favorite subjects to photograph. Their expressions are so genuine, especially when you can catch them not looking... and even when you do. There is such simple beauty in a child's face.

Holding onto Summer


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Yesterday as we worked in the yard, I couldn't help but notice the signs of Fall fast approaching. The cooler breeze, the leaves slowly turning, and the slowing of the growth cycle. There were still a few signs of summer sprinkled through out the yard. The brillance of the hibicus bush as it lifted its face to the sky, the lone sunflower by the pond which stretched itself for all was worth to bask in the sunlight, and the fragile mushrooms which peeked out early.

A Few of the Many


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Flowers from My Garden


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The beauty of a flower never ceases to amaze me. They are so simple yet so intricate. Throughout the years I have planted many in my yard, both domestic and wild. These are but a few of the many... It is by far one of my favorite things to photograph.

My Grandaughter - My Angel


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There is something about little girls.. especially when they are your granddaughter. The dress that she wore to her moma's wedding was simply beautiful, a close replica to the actual wedding dress. She looked like a little bride. She graciously agreed to let me shoot her later in a quieter setting. I love the way these photos look so nostalgic. Her expression seems only to lend to their appeal.



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On a recent visit to DC to visit my son, my husband & I were able to visit a live Butterfly habitat. Although all the butterflys within this habitat were not native to America, (most were from South America) I still could not help but marvel at their beauty.