My Kitchen Window Sill


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I love my kitchen window sill.  It faces the east and each morning as I start my day I open the blinds to allow mornings first light in.  It is my way of greeting the day as well as the new opportunities that are to come.  The above photos are of my kitchen window. 

I Love A Parade


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Everyone loves a parade... Last weekend we attended the 3rd Annual "Ghouls Gone Wild" parade... It was so much fun.  The best part was the march of the 1000 skeletons.  You could see them in the distance with their torches of fire... It was an awesome  sight...

Rest in Peace


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The Forgotten

Taken on one of my many trips to surrounding cemetaries.

The Keeper

I love how old trees are littered througout cemetaries, as if standing in a watching vigil over the souls who have been put there to slumber.

Just Visiting

On a recent trip to Tennessee, where wild life seems to be literally everywhere, I snapped this picture.  There were a total of 5 deer in all.  From the appearance of the site, they frequented it often to nibble on what was left my those who came before. 



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Our recent trip to Tennesee was cold and rainy for the most part, yet the dirve home was perfectly sunny.  I snapped this picture along side the road while we were held up in construction.  The colors were just starting to turn... It is a simply beautiful area....

The Face of A Child


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There truly is nothing more precious than children.... and even sweeter are grandchildren.  I honestly think I could take pictures of them non stop... I never cease to be amazed at their simple beauty.



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"Slow Drip"

"Bloody Corn"

A few more of my kaliedascopes.  I love semetry... therefore this is definately a favorite playtime of mine....

My Many Friends


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Living in the country definately has its benefits... One if not the best is how nature is ever present.  No noise of the city, just peace & quiet.  I feel I am rich in friends simply by the many creatures that nature allows to visit.  I see beauty every day, just outside my back door. 

Marigolds in Autumn


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Recently before the cold weather set in I cleaned out my flower bed which was home for some of the most beautiful marigold plants I have ever seen, if I do say so myself.  They gave to me an abundance of seeds for next season of which I am eternally grateful.  I wanted to take a few last photos of my friends before they were gone for the coldness of winter and thought that I would share them with you.  Enjoy...

Here Kitty Kitty


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M&M (Mayo & Mustard)


Fatty Matty

Living in the country as we do, we have had our share of cats... Above are photos of some of the cats that have given us the pleasure of their time to enrich our lives in only a way a cat can.  Some were with us for longer than others yet each one left a mark on us in their own unique way.