Holding onto Summer

Posted by Janie | Posted in | Posted on 9:16 AM

Yesterday as we worked in the yard, I couldn't help but notice the signs of Fall fast approaching. The cooler breeze, the leaves slowly turning, and the slowing of the growth cycle. There were still a few signs of summer sprinkled through out the yard. The brillance of the hibicus bush as it lifted its face to the sky, the lone sunflower by the pond which stretched itself for all was worth to bask in the sunlight, and the fragile mushrooms which peeked out early.

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Hi Janie, as you see it is also a bit how I see it. The different breeze, the way the leaves move place from trees and plants to the border, grass and tiles and the 'shorter' the days become in terms of sunlight. I do look forward to autumn though. I call it the season of colours, referreing to trees and leaves which give so much individual beauty. These pictures are really beatiful.