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Our recent trip to Tennesee was cold and rainy for the most part, yet the dirve home was perfectly sunny.  I snapped this picture along side the road while we were held up in construction.  The colors were just starting to turn... It is a simply beautiful area....

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Beautiful colours!

Pretty colours indeed...and... the mistery of that shed on the right makes it a real Mother moon picture :)

As you know...I have been posting my art on my other blog...but I have so much art I was looking for a place to "store" it all.

So I am setting up a Pagan Artist's Network...would you be interested in joining?..I would love to see your pictures, on your own page there...all spread out.

I understand if you don't want to join...(because of the pagan link...but I do consider you to be a pagan)...and I won't be offended in any way...really...I mean that!

I am the only member so far...it's that new...it hasn't gone public yet...but I wanted to ask you first...because I love both you and your work.

If you are interested I'll send you the link...and if not...that's okay...I'll still love you.

I am flattered Celia and would definately love it