Rest in Peace

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The Forgotten

Taken on one of my many trips to surrounding cemetaries.

The Keeper

I love how old trees are littered througout cemetaries, as if standing in a watching vigil over the souls who have been put there to slumber.

Just Visiting

On a recent trip to Tennessee, where wild life seems to be literally everywhere, I snapped this picture.  There were a total of 5 deer in all.  From the appearance of the site, they frequented it often to nibble on what was left my those who came before. 

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Beatiful pictures :)

Rest in peace surely in in its place when you see this and especially this wildlife.

I am at a cemetery a few times a week and that one is like a large park. Hundreds of trees which like now in autumn time look so beautiful even though they are becoming somewhat naked now. How they lose their leaves is a gift to see.

Hi Janie...
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